About Kristof Devos

My career took off in kindergarten, where my teacher held one of my drawings in front of the classroom and told the other children to laugh.

Since then, it seems like it was mere revenge that drove me to become an illustrator and author. Although, I must admit, there’s also quite some passion involved.

Art festival Watou 2016, with Michaël Vandebril
Illustration from Weatherboy


2016 This is Miep – Kristof Devos (Davidsfonds/Infodok)

2015 Shade – Wally De Doncker & Kristof Devos (Davidsfonds/Infodok)

2014 Weatherboy – Pimm van Hest & Kristof Devos (Clavis)

2013 Never is forever – Kristof Devos & Claudia Jong (Davidsfonds/Infodok)

2011 Five dragons slain – multiple authors & illustrators (Querido)

2010 Who has been throwing paint around? – multiple authors & illustrators (Querido)

Selections and prices

Kristof was shortlisted in the Nami Concours 2015 in South Korea, a list of 92 illustrators worldwide, chosen from 1330 submissions.

His work was exhibited at the Biennal of illustration at Bratislava, Slovakia and on the Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival in South Korea and Malaysia.

Schade received a White Raven from the Internationale Jugendbibliothek in Munich.

The illustrations for This is Miep got Kristof a place on the BookILL Fest shortlist in Serbia. For this expo 180 illustrations were selected out of 2200 submissions from 27 countries.


Kristof’s books have been translated into Danish, English (USA), Korean and Chinese.


Kristof drew 15 km of ballpoint lines for Never is forever.

He works barefoot wearing a winter hat. It looks ridiculous, but keeps it his head together.

Contact me

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Want to read more? Visit this site using Google translate. It’s quite amusing.


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